U.S. Safety Agency Launches Probe into Nissan Vehicles Amid Engine Failure Concerns

In a recent announcement, the U.S. Office of Defects Investigation (ODI), a branch of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has initiated a preliminary investigation into an estimated 454,840 vehicles from Nissan. This action follows reports suggesting critical engine failures in several models, potentially leading to abrupt loss of power and an inability to restart the vehicle.

The models under scrutiny include the Nissan Rogue, Altima, and Infiniti QX50. The ODI’s decision to investigate comes in the wake of six complaints directly addressing these concerns. Vehicle owners have reported experiencing sudden engine failures, accompanied by a noticeable loss of power, unusual engine knocking sounds, and the discovery of metal fragments and shavings in the oil pans of vehicles outfitted with the KR15DDT and KR20DDET engines.

Nissan, a renowned Japanese automaker, has previously attempted to rectify issues related to main bearing and L-link damage or seizures in these engines. The company has implemented several changes in their manufacturing processes over time in response to these defects.

The ODI emphasizes that this investigation is still in its early stages and could be expanded if further evidence necessitates a broader inquiry. As this situation develops, both Nissan owners and the automotive industry at large will be keenly observing the outcomes of this investigation, which has significant implications for vehicle safety and consumer trust in one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers.


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