Toyota Enhances GR Yaris with New DAT Technology and Increased Power at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

Toyota is set to revolutionize the hot hatch market with the unveiling of the upgraded GR Yaris at the Tokyo Auto Salon, running from January 12 to 24, 2024. This highly anticipated model will now offer an automatic transmission option and a significant power increase, catering to a broader spectrum of car enthusiasts.

A Look Back at the GR Yaris’ Legacy

The Toyota GR Yaris, a brainchild of Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division, has been a standout since its debut. This model was initially developed to comply with the World Rally Championship’s homologation requirements, leading to a street-legal car with exceptional performance and handling characteristics. Over the years, the GR Yaris has evolved from a rally-inspired, manual-only vehicle into a more versatile and powerful machine.

Introducing the DAT-Equipped GR Yaris

The latest iteration of the GR Yaris features Toyota’s cutting-edge Direct Automatic Transmission (DAT). This innovative system is a departure from traditional torque converters, offering rapid gear shifts and an intuitive response to driver inputs. Professional racer Hiroaki Ishiura and former Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda have both praised the DAT for its smooth downshifts and reduced acceleration lag, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Power Surge in the GR Yaris

In addition to the transmission upgrade, the GR Yaris is expected to receive a power boost, aligning it closely with the 221kW output of its sibling, the GR Corolla. This increase in power is set to amplify the car’s already impressive performance, making it an even more exhilarating drive.

A Showcase at the Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon, a globally recognized event for car enthusiasts, provides the perfect stage for Toyota to reveal the latest advancements in the GR Yaris. This unveiling is eagerly awaited by fans and industry experts alike, who are keen to see how Toyota has enhanced this already iconic model.

With its blend of advanced technology, increased power, and a shift to automatic transmission, the new GR Yaris is poised to be a highlight of the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon and a must-try for driving enthusiasts worldwide.


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