Subaru BR-Z Claims The Title Of Australia’s Top-Selling Sports Car

In a stunning development within the Australian automotive landscape, the Subaru BRZ has officially surpassed the legendary Ford Mustang, claiming the title of the nation’s best-selling sports car. This shift in market dynamics marks a significant milestone in the history of the Subaru BRZ, a vehicle that has carved its own path since its introduction.

A report from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries revealed a groundbreaking sales figure for the Subaru BRZ, with 1573 units sold, edging out the 1475 sales of the Ford Mustang coupe and convertible. This achievement sets a new record for the BRZ, surpassing its previous best of 1411 deliveries in 2013, the year it debuted. In contrast, Mustang sales have plummeted to their lowest since 2015.

This shift in dominance comes as the automotive market witnesses a surge in the “sports car under $80,000” category, seeing a 44% increase last year. The BRZ’s success story becomes even more impressive considering it trailed the Mustang by approximately 400 vehicles at mid-year. However, with the phasing out of the current Mustang model in the US and subsequent stock depletion, the BRZ surged ahead in November 2023.

The Subaru BRZ’s journey began in 2012, when it was introduced as a compact sports car developed in collaboration with Toyota. It quickly gained recognition for its balanced handling, rear-wheel drive, and a focus on the driving experience. The first generation BRZ (2013-2020) set the stage for a new era of affordable sports cars, although it initially lagged behind its twin, the Toyota 86, in sales. The second generation, launched in 2022, saw Subaru refining the BRZ’s design, improving performance, and maintaining affordability, factors that have contributed to its current market success.

In comparison, the Ford Mustang, an icon of American muscle, has seen a decline from its peak of 9165 sales in 2017. This downturn reflects the sports car market’s trend, where initial enthusiasm wanes as the model ages. Despite the introduction of new contenders like the Nissan Z and BMW M2, the BRZ’s 2023 sales have been unmatched, signifying a new chapter for Subaru in the sports car segment.

As the Subaru BRZ celebrates its triumphant year, it not only represents a shift in consumer preferences but also signifies the evolving landscape of the sports car market in Australia. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a market leader, the BRZ’s journey is a testament to Subaru’s commitment to driving pleasure and affordability.


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