Nissan Hyper Tourer – The Future Of JDM Luxury?

Nissan has recently released another concept car that will be debuting at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show) and it could just be the future of luxury Japanese automotive manufacturing.

Japan has always had a knack for producing superb luxury vehicles, particularly for the domestic market – as well as export legends such as the Lexus LS400.

In the Japanese Domestic Market, luxury minivans and people movers are also a popular niche segment, with such vehicles sometimes finding their way to Western markets as used imports. In fact, the editors of this humble site were fortunate enough earlier this year to hitch a ride from Narita airport to the center of Tokyo in a superb luxury minivan.

Nissan has combined this luxury minivan segment with the relentless march towards electrification to produce the ‘Hyper Tourer’ concept.

The Hyper Tourer concept combines angular, boxy lines, with swiveling front seats, cutting-edge autonomous driver technology and a theorized solid-state battery technology with AWD system.

Furthermore, the concept makes reference to AI-powered software that can monitor your vital signs to adjust things like music, lighting and AC automatically.

With advanced autonomous driver technology, the idea is that the front seat driver and passenger can spin their seats around to engage in face-to-face conversation with those travelling in the rear. 

The ‘swivel seat’ concept 

Long story short, the concept seems to be that with a Hyper Tourer a travelling business group could, for example, conduct a meeting while sitting in serene luxury and comfort (and producing no tailpipe emissions) or a family could connect during a road trip.

In the official press release (read here) Nissan says the Hyper Tourer concept focuses on “reinforcing the bond between people as they journey together” and is for “individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy the company of friends and associates”.

Whether the Hyper Tourer concept goes into production in any form beyond the physical concept debut, ever, is another story.

However, it’s great to see Nissan working towards a future where electrification doesn’t mean that luxury needs to be forgone … and that the humble ‘minivan’ is not totally forgotten. 

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