Looks Like The Next Nissan Skyline Will Be (You Guessed It) An EV

In the ever-evolving narrative of Japanese automotive excellence, the Nissan Skyline stands as a titan among enthusiasts, particularly for its storied association with high-performance sports cars. However, a recent report has cast the future of this iconic nameplate in a new, electrified light, suggesting a significant transformation into a battery-electric vehicle (BEV), encompassing both sedan and crossover models for its 14th generation.

The source of these claims is BestCarWeb, a publication with a history of making audacious—sometimes unverified—forecasts about automotive futures. As early as mid-2023, murmurs of the Skyline’s electric reincarnation began to circulate, hinting at a crossover variant that stirred mixed reactions among JDM purists.

An example render of the supposed Nissan Skyline EV crossover (looks a bit like a Mazda CX-something from the back!) Photos from Best Car Web

Fast-forwarding to February 2024, the narrative has expanded to include a sedan model alongside the crossover, according to the same outlet.

It’s crucial to approach these revelations with caution. BestCarWeb’s track record invites skepticism, making it essential to consider the current information as speculative at best. Despite the speculative nature of these reports, the notion of an electric Skyline, available in both sedan and crossover formats and potentially launching next year, is intriguing.

Visually, the proposed electric Skyline sedan is rumored to draw inspiration from the Infiniti Vision Qe concept, suggesting a modern four-door fastback design. The crossover variant, meanwhile, is speculated to align with the aesthetic of the anticipated Vision QXe concept. Such design directions indicate Nissan’s commitment to blending performance with cutting-edge electric vehicle technology.

Details regarding the powertrain of this envisaged Skyline are scarce. Speculation suggests it might leverage twin electric motors and the e-4ORCE all-wheel-drive system, currently found in the Ariya crossover but enhanced to deliver around 450 horsepower. This power increase would not only signify a departure from the Skyline’s traditional combustion engine heritage but also position the new variants as formidable contenders in the BEV domain, overshadowing the current flagship Skyline’s 399 hp benchmark.

This report, while compelling, remains unconfirmed. As the automotive world watches closely, the future of the Nissan Skyline as a beacon of electric innovation hangs in the balance, underpinned by rumors yet to be substantiated by official announcements.

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