Largest Toyota Dealership In New Zealand Officially Opens

Auckland City Toyota at Mt Wellington has recently undergone extensive renovations, elevating it to the status of the largest Toyota dealership in New Zealand. The site, sprawling across 21,000m2, is now ready to welcome customers, marking a significant milestone for Toyota in the country.

A New Era of Automotive Retail in Auckland

Situated on Forge Way, the dealership now boasts 33 service workshop bays and provides employment to a 41-member aftersales team. Additionally, it has the capacity to house 250 used vehicles, showcasing the variety and depth of Toyota’s offerings.

Toyota proudly announces the Mt Wellington site as its first ‘super store’ in the region, set to open its doors to the public on Tuesday, December 12.

Sustainability at the Forefront

In line with modern environmental standards, the dealership highlights its green initiatives. These include the use of recycled aluminium joinery, energy-efficient LED lighting, and an innovative on-site water harvesting system capable of storing up to 20,000L of rainwater for vehicle washing purposes.

Adding to its eco-friendly credentials, the site features 22 electric vehicle chargers for both employees and customers. These efforts have contributed to the dealership achieving EnviroMark certification.

Leadership’s Vision for the Future

Toyota’s CEO, Neeraj Lala, emphasized the importance of such flagship sites, stating, “Sites like the new-look Mt Wellington super store are the backbone of the Toyota business across New Zealand.” He extended his gratitude to Rick Armstrong and the Auckland City Toyota team for their dedication and investment in this new venture.

Rick Armstrong, the executive director, echoed this sentiment, expressing his excitement about the launch and the commitment it represents to the Toyota brand, customers, and the future.

More Than Just a Dealership

The opening of this revamped dealership coincides with Toyota’s continued dominance in the New Zealand market. With a total of 30,471 vehicle registrations to the end of November, Toyota leads the pack, with the RAV4 being the country’s favorite passenger vehicle for 2023.

Looking ahead to 2024, Toyota is gearing up to introduce several new models, including the fully electric bZ4X, a new C-HR, Hilux Hybrid, Land Cruiser Prado, and Land Cruiser 70.

A Landmark for Toyota in Auckland

The new super store at Mt Wellington represents not only a significant expansion for Auckland City Toyota but also a reaffirmation of Toyota’s commitment to innovation, customer service, and environmental responsibility. This development marks a new chapter for Toyota in New Zealand, setting a precedent for future dealership experiences.


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