Honda Prelude’s Anticipated Revival: A Blend of Hybrid Innovation and JDM Legacy

In a nostalgic yet forward-looking move, Honda may reintroduce the Prelude, a beloved two-door sports car, to Australian markets, drawing on its hybrid concept unveiled at the Japanese motor show. This event marks a significant turn since the Prelude’s departure from showrooms in 2001.

A Glimpse into the Future: The Prelude Concept

At the motor show in October, Honda presented what many believe to be the new Prelude in concept form. Initially thought to be an electric vehicle, it was later suggested that the car might feature a petrol-hybrid system, likely sharing a platform with the current-generation Civic.

Reports from Japan indicate that this hybrid reincarnation of the Honda Prelude is slated for production starting in 2028. Furthermore, recent trademark filings in Australia hint at the possibility of the Prelude being sold in the country.

Preserving the Legacy: The Prelude Name

Interestingly, just two days before the unveiling of the Prelude concept, Honda submitted a trademark application for the “Prelude” name in Australia, signaling intent to preserve its legacy. The name, first trademarked in 1978, a year before the original model’s Australian launch, is set for renewal in 2029, coinciding with the car’s anticipated production timeline.

Prelude’s Rich Heritage and the Type S Chapter

The Honda Prelude, sold in Australia from 1979 to 2001, spanned five generations, each contributing to its iconic status. Notably, the third-generation Prelude introduced the world’s first four-wheel-steering system to local markets, showcasing Honda’s pioneering spirit.

Among the most celebrated iterations of the Prelude is the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Honda Prelude Type S. Launched in the late 1990s, the Type S became a legend in its own right, featuring a powerful H22A engine, refined suspension, and exclusive styling elements. It epitomized the blend of performance and elegance that Prelude enthusiasts cherish.

Looking Ahead: The Prelude’s Potential Return

While the concept car is currently petrol-hybrid, there’s speculation about a potential battery-electric version, though these claims remain unofficial. Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe has encouraged high expectations for this model, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation while honoring its rich history.

As we await more details, the prospect of the Honda Prelude’s return, possibly as a hybrid, stirs excitement among car enthusiasts. It represents not only a revival of a classic but also a step into a new era of automotive technology, blending the past and future seamlessly.


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