Got Photos Of An Interesting Classic? Send Them In!

At Garage Dreams, there’s nothing we love more than seeing real photos (and even videos) from our readers.

If you have an interesting car – particularly one we have done a buyer’s guide for – then we always appreciate any photo submissions.

You can send photos to the admin team at any time by using the email address

If you have some photos to submit and are happy for us to use them on the site, then let us know in your submission. For example, if there is a corresponding buyer’s guide for your car, then we might look to include the photo(s) there.

If you want your name credited, then let us know in the submission as well and this will be added to any caption on any photo we use.

For various reasons we might not be able to use every image submitted to us, but we will try to find a home for your photography wherever we can!

So if you’ve got a cool car and want it featured online for our tens of thousands of monthly readers (especially if that car is one that features in one of our buyer’s guides) then email


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