Check Out ‘Garage Dreams Extra’ – Our New YouTube Channel

A quick public service announcement here from team Garage Dreams – we have a new YouTube channel.

It’s called – rather originally – Garage Dreams Extra and you can check it out here.

Our main channel is focused on one type of content only … producing deeply-researched short documentaries on important cars from history, using original 2D & 3D animation. Realistically, we can only produce a handful of these videos per year (although if we can get more support from our readers/viewers, e.g. by you subscribing to the main Garage Dreams channel here, then we can justify investing more time into the fairly painstaking process of research, creation and editing)

We want to keep the main channel focused squarely on these short documentaries, and not dilute it by adding other content types.

However, there is also a lot of other video content we want to make, namely:

  • Product review videos where we get “hands on” with products
  • Car buyer guides and reviews
  • Turning our ‘Car Facts’ articles into short info videos

With that in mind, we’ve launched our new channel that will host these types of videos going-forward.

It will be a bit of a mixed bag, and we won’t be committing to a specific upload schedule, but there will be some great content uploaded.

Help us out by checking out our new channel (the first video being a review of the popular Imden C57 Bluetooth transmitter) and subscribing.

If you have any video topic suggestions, we’d love to hear them too.


  • Sam

    Sam focuses mainly on researching and writing the growing database of Car Facts articles on Garage Dreams, as well as creating interesting list content. He is particularly enthusiastic about JDM cars, although has also owned numerous European vehicles in the past. Currently drives a 3rd generation Suzuki Swift Sport, and a Volkswagen Touareg (mainly kept for taking his border collie out to the hills to go walking)

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