Celebrating A YouTube Milestone

We’re taking a break from our usual content today in order to celebrate a little milestone for Garage Dreams.

As you might be aware, we have a YouTube channel as well, where Ben (one of the site editors who does the buyer guides and product reviews) painstakingly creates 3D animated mini documentaries explaining the history of important vehicles in Motorsport history.

One of the videos on the channel, the history of the Mazda 787B, has just crossed the 500,000 view mark.

Hardly the stuff of “Mr Beast” or “Cocomelon”, but a milestone we are proud of nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone who has watched one of our videos so far, and if you haven’t yet done so you can watch the Mazda 787B video here:

And if you’re wondering when the next video will be released (as it has definitely been some time between releases) the good news is that it is well underway, and we think the wait will be worth it.

Ben is also working on a process to allow him to release more frequently – realistically aiming for 2-3 videos per year, as they do take rather a long period of time to complete. There’s no feasible way (short of the channel blowing up to the point where we could hire an additional video content creator to churn out the animations all day) to scale this up to be a monthly upload channel or anything like that.

Feel free to check out the video above, and go through to the channel and subscribe so you don’t miss the next video when it does drop. 


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