First Cars

Is The Miata A Good First Car?

The Mazda Miata (or MX-5, as it is known to motorists outside of the United States) is one of the “all time great” Japanese cars. In fact, it is one of the “all time great” cars from any country. It is also the best-selling sports car in history, and for good reason. Released to near-universal …

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Is The Nissan 350Z A Good First Car?

We’ve written a few articles about the Nissan 350Z (known as the Fairlady Z in the Japanese Domestic Market) on this site. In fact, articles about the 350Z are some of the most popular pieces of content on the site, particularly our 350Z buyer’s guide. In this article we are continuing with our series of …

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Is A Mazda RX7 A Good First Car?

Welcome to the first instalment in our First Car series. There is almost nothing as exciting as getting your first car. Everyone – even those with little interest in cars – remember their first car. Getting the keys to your first car truly does feel like one of life’s great achievements. My first car was …

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