Can You Daily Drive A Classic Car?

One of the most common questions we get from prospective classic car owner is “can you daily drive a classic car?” Many of us have grown up with “romanticized” images in our minds of daily driving classic cars that we idolized in years gone by. Once you reach the age or stage where you are … Read more

Why Is The Mitsubishi Evo So Popular?

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What Does 2CV Stand For?

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Is Toyota A JDM?

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How Much Did The First Gen Honda NSX Cost New?

When the Original Honda/Acura NSX launched in 1990 it was not only designed to take on the likes of Ferrari’s supercars, but it was also designed to do so while being much more practical and much cheaper. The Honda NSX was arguably the best value high-end supercar available at the time and it proved to … Read more

How Do I Tell If My 300ZX Is Twin Turbo?

The Nissan 300ZX is one of our favourite Japanese sports cars. Its futuristic design still looks modern and cutting-edge all these years later: Prices for 300ZXs have been climbing in recent years, as this relatively rare car becomes increasingly difficult to find with time and mileage taking its toll on the pool of “survivors”. If … Read more

Are All 300ZX Twin Turbo?

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What Does TRD Stand For?

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What Does The R Stand For In Honda Civic Type R?

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Is The Honda Civic Type R AWD?

The Honda Civic Type R is – in our humble opinion – one of the greatest cars to ever come from the Land of the Rising Sun (in fact, we like every generation of the Civic type R). While the new model may be divisive in terms of its looks, nobody can seriously argue against … Read more