What Does VTEC Stand For?

If you’ve ever driven a VTEC-equipped Honda, then you’ll know that exciting feeling when “VTEC just kicked in, yo”:

We all love that feeling

But what doest VTEC stand for?

In this short edition of Car Facts, we take a look at the meaning of this term that will be known to anyone with even a basic understanding of Honda cars and engines.

What Does VTEC Stand For & Mean?

VTEC stands for “Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control”.

This is a system that can activate alternate lobes on the camshaft for optimal engine operation at both low and high RPMs.

Long story short, when “VTEC kicks in” it helps your engine to intake more air, and therefore altering the torque curve (giving you more power at higher RPM).

This is why when you drive a conventional (non-turbo) VTEC car, you have little activity below the VTEC kick-in point, after which you will quickly gain revs and speed.

If you’ve never driven a VTEC-equipped car, then we strongly suggest you do. It really is an exciting experience, especially in something like an Integra Type R.


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