Nissan 300ZX: What Does “2+2” Mean?

If you’re looking at buying a Nissan 300ZX, then you will have come across some models as having “2+2” seating (by the way, if you’re looking to buy one of these cars, then make sure that you check out our Nissan 300ZX buyer’s guide before committing – we have put together the most comprehensive buyer’s guide on this car to help you find a great example).

But what does the “2+2” mean on a Nissan 300ZX?

In this very short edition of Car Facts we are going to explain what is specifically meant by the wording 2+2 on the Nissan 300ZX.

2+2 Isn’t Difficult Math

The “2 + 2” name (sometimes referred to as “two plus two”) is all about the seating in the 300ZX.

Some 300ZX were available as two seater only cars:

2+2 300ZXs have two additional seats in the rear, hence the “+2”

Spacious, not.


This term isn’t unique to the 300ZX. In fact, many other manufacturers refer to their cars as 2+2s e.g. Porsche.

One thing to note (if you haven’t already figured it out from the image above) is that the rear seats on a 300ZX are not particularly comfortable or spacious.

They really are seats in name and legality only … and are not going to work well for any long distance road trips unless your rear passengers are short.

A 2+2 300ZX is really only marginally more practical than a two seater, with perhaps the biggest benefit of the rear seats being an additional storage area – especially if you’re transporting a larger item that can be restrained with the seatbelt. Otherwise not practical at all for things like children’s seats. 

If you see a Nissan 300ZX (or any other car for that matter) described as a “2+2” or some other variation of that e.g. “two plus two” it is because of the seating arrangement.

You get two comfortable seats up the front, and then two rear seats with limited legroom. Ostensibly this is meant to allow you to go away with four people in total, but unless your rear passengers are small children, extremely short or have no legs they won’t be particularly comfortable in the back of a 300ZX for any more than the briefest of journeys.

Instead, most 2+2 owners find the rear seats useful for transporting bags and other items, as well as providing some “emergency” seating if the need arises.

Make sure that you read our 300ZX buyer’s guide for more information on scoring yourself a great example of these legendary cars.


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