Is Toyota Bringing Back The MR2?

The Toyota MR2 is one of the most cherished two-seater sports convertibles of all time.

While the Miata/MX-5 is what most people think of when asked to name a Japanese convertible sports car, we reckon that the MR2 (including the last generation aka MR-S) is perhaps the better car.

The combination of low weight, mid engine and relatively high power all combine to make a fantastic driving experience across the MR2 generations.

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The Toyota MR2 is also a more exciting car, especially in turbo-charged and super-charged variants. However, this has contributed to its reputation as one of the most dangerous cars of all time (partly deserved thanks to the tendency for snap oversteer). Read our article on whether or not Toyota MR2s are dangerous for more information on this topic.

Considering that Toyota has resurrected their most legendary sports car – the Supra – will Toyota bring back the MR2 any time soon?

If we compare Toyota to a brand such as Mitsubishi (who have made it clear that they will not be bringing back any performance cars like the 3000GT or the Evo) it does seem more likely that Toyota could be coaxed into producing a new MR2 generation.

No Plans, Some Rumours

The truth is that there are no firm plans from Toyota to bring back the MR2 in the near future.

However, this doesn’t mean that the rumour mill hasn’t been able to work away at teasing car enthusiasts with the thought of a new MR2.

For example, Tetsuya Tada (chief engineer for the new Supra) indicated in an interview with Road and Track that he would like to see the MR2 return, possibly in collaboration with Porsche.

This is one thing to note about Toyota; where they have focused on performance cars in recent years (with the exception of the Yaris GR) they have partnered with other manufacturers, notably Subaru for the 86 and BMW for the Supra.

Therefore, if the MR2 were to return it might be possible to see it in some kind of ‘joint venture’ guise, e.g. in the Porsche example above as a re-badged Boxster.

Toyota has definitely made moves in recent years to get back to developing and producing performance cars. Even if these are JVs with other manufacturers, we are still glad of the fact that they have put in effort here.

If Toyota continues down this path, then it could be possible to see a new MR2.

Conclusion – Is Toyota Bringing Back The MR2 Any Time Soon?

Unfortunately it seems unlikely that the MR2 will be making a return any time in the near future.

As with all popular cars, there are rumours that swirl around from time to time that Toyota may be considering a resurrection of the MR2 badge, but from what we can gather there is nothing formal/set in stone yet.

If the MR2 were to return it would almost certainly be some kind of hybrid or electric motor powered sports car, as most manufacturers are gearing up to do away with petrol cars in the reasonably near future.

Therefore, if you fancy getting your hands on a Toyota MR2, you’re going to have to buy an existing example from one of the three generations produced so far.

With prices rising and availability increasingly scarce, it’s important that you get a good example if you are looking to buy the MR2.

Read our various buyer’s guides for the distinct MR2 generations at the links below:

We would also love to hear if YOU think that Toyota will ever bring back the MR2? Leave a comment in the comments section below and we will get back to you ASAP.



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