Is Mazda Bringing Back The RX-7?

The Mazda RX7 is one of the most cherished, celebrated names in automotive history:

It is a name synonymous with the Wankel rotary engine (with Mazda being the only mainstream manufacturer to use this technology both in road going cars and race cars such as the Mazda 787B)

Although the RX7 was followed up by the RX8, most consider the RX7 to be the pinnacle of rotary-powered motoring.

Prices on RX7s are soaring, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good example.

With demand and interest in “90s classics” high, is Mazda bringing back the RX7 in the same way that Toyota have brought back the Supra?

Let’s take a look at what “word on the street” is with relation to Mazda bringing the RX7 back to life in a new form:

The first thing to note is that Mazda look to be bringing back the rotary engine (remember that the last rotary-powered car was the RX8) but in the first instance it will be as a range extender for Electric Vehicles.

Although news is fairly slow in this regard, it does seem that the rotary will be making at least some kind of a comeback in some form in the future.

That is the first “tick in the box” for Mazda bringing back the RX7.

Beyond that – however – news is scant and unreliable.

The truth is that Mazda have been teasing (and the market has been hoping for) new rotary-powered vehicles for a number of years, and nothing has really come to fruition.

There have been various concepts, but nothing “concrete”.

A hypothetical new RX7 concept.

There are some hints/clues though, such as Mazda recently patenting a vehicle shock absorption device for a small engine bay vehicle (guess what type of engines are small? Rotary ones!)

So, is Mazda bringing back the RX7?

At this stage, they don’t appear to be doing so.

However, if the Supra ultimately turns out to be a success for Toyota (in some respects it’s still too early to tell) then this may encourage Mazda to take action with the development of a new RX7.

We can at least hope!

For now, you’ll have to settle with getting your hands on an original RX7.

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