Is Honda Bringing Back The S2000?

The Honda S2000 is one of the best sports cars of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Blending razor-sharp handling with a high-tech (and high-revving) engine, as well as slick manual gearbox, the S2000 still has a cult following years after production finished.

Although the Mazda Miata/MX-5 holds the crown as the best-selling sports car ever, many who have driven both will tell you that the S2000 is the superior product.

And how can you say no to a car that revs like this:

Production of the S2000 finished up in 2009 (you can learn more on our Honda S2000 buyer’s guide). What a shame, as the S2000 is truly one of the greats.

But is Honda bringing back the S2000 any time soon?

Many manufacturers have been making hay while the sun shines by bringing back legendary older models with cult followings.

Ford have recently done it with the Bronco, Toyota famously brought back the Supra, and Honda/Acura resurrected the legendary NSX.

Considering Honda brought back the NSX, will they consider doing so with one of their other great sports cars, the S2000?

In this edition of Car Facts, we dig deeper into whether or not Honda is actively considering resurrecting the S2000 badge.

Rumors Of A New S2000 Abound

There are rumors circulating online that Honda is considering a new S2000, with a view to launch it in 2024.

This rumor was originally published by Forbes, cited a “close source in Honda” that the company was strongly considering bringing back the S2000 in 2024, in order to mark 25 years since the release of the first generation.

This would also be just after Honda’s 75th anniversary, which will take place in 2023.

There is nothing confirmed or set-in-stone yet, but it would be a logical option for a brand that is at the cutting edge with cars like the NSX and the current Civic Type R.

Do not be surprised to see a resurrected S2000 in the next couple of years … time to start saving your pennies!

Don’t Expect The Same Engine Technology

Part of what made the S2000 so great (and still so desirable to this day) is the 2.0 VTEC engine that was at the forefront of automotive technology in its day.

Despite lacking any form of forced induction, the S2000’s engine was remains legendary for its high specific output, at 124 bhp per litre. Although other manufacturers such as Porsche and Ferrari have managed to best this figure, considering that the S2000 is nearly 25 years old and was relatively affordable when new, it remains a truly impressive feat.

In some respects, the engine really sold the car.

Unfortunately, the potential re-release of the S2000 is unlikely to feature the same sort of high-revving, NA engine. Technology has moved on, and stricter emissions controls mean that the engine in any potential new S2000 will have to be different.

From the Forbes report, the most likely candidate for the new S2000 engine is the 2.0 turbo from the upcoming Honda Civic Type R. As you might have read, the new Civic Type R will sport “mild” electrification, helping to both improve power/performance and also enhance eco credentials.

While the new engine won’t be the same high-revving unit that we all know and love from the original S2000, this exciting technology that will feature in the upcoming Civic Type R would make a great “beating heart” for the re-released S2000.

Dimensions & Appearance Will Be Similar

Considering that the new S2000 will have a very different powertrain, what else will be changed?

Once again, details are scarce as the new S2000 is just a rumor.

However, it sounds like Honda wants to make any re-released S2000 as visually similar to the original car as possible. Car technology has moved on substantially in the past 25 years since the development of the original S2000, and requirements for things like safety have changed as well.

What this means is that Honda won’t be able to make a straight-up clone of the original S2000 body and slap a new-and-improved engine in it. There will be differences, the car will likely be heavier and more complex, but hopefully it is instantly recognisable as the new S2000.

Recap – Is Honda Bringing Back The S2000?

Yes, it seems likely that Honda will be remaking the S2000.

According to insider reports, this should happen in 2024, to coincide with the 25 year anniversary of the original S2000.

The upcoming S2000 will likely use the engine from the next-gen Honda Civic Type R, but apparently Honda’s goal is to make the new car look highly similar/recognisable compared to the original (to the extent this is possible with modern requirements around safety etc).

In the interim, if you’re after a convertible Honda sports car, then you’ll need to be looking at the original S2000.

Make sure you read our Honda S2000 buyer’s guide and model history for more information on this great car.

Do you think Honda will bring back the S2000? What other Hondas would you like to see remade in a modern package?  Feel free to leave a comment below to get the discussion started.

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