How Many Integra Type Rs Were Produced?

The Honda Integra Type R is one of our favourite Japanese performance vehicles – with both generations rating highly (although it is the earlier DC2 generation that is widely regarded as being one of the best front wheel drive cars ever built).

The Integra Type R is now getting on a bit in years, especially the venerable DC2.

Some will have been lost to accidents, others to neglect – but how many Integra Type Rs were produced?

Although there is some conflicting information out there, in this short article we hope to give you some guidance as to how many Type R Integras were built and sold across both generations.


To the best of our research abilities, we were able to find out that:

* 3823 Integra Type Rs were produced for the US Domestic Market (check out our guide to the difference between USDM & JDM here)
* Approximately 29995 DC2 & DB8 (rarer, four door sedan version) Type Rs were produced for the Japanese market – many of these have since been exported to other countries like the UK & New Zealand. 5135 of this production total was for the so-rare-it-almost-mythical DB8 sedan … mechanically identical to the Integra Type R coupe but with the added practicality of four doors.
* There may be some other units produced for other countries as well – but finding any remotely reliable information is a challenge. For example, there were Australian-spec DC2 Type Rs that were sold new in Australia, but finding any information on quantity produced has proven to be difficult (to say the least).


Unfortunately, finding reliable production information on how many DC5 Integra Type Rs were produced is even more challenging.

We have scoured the internet but struggled to find anything even remotely reliable to go on.

There were probably fewer DC5s produced than DC2s (if only due to the higher popularity of the DC2 model and longer production run).

If you happen to know the answer to this question, please let us know.


The Honda Integra Type R was a relatively rare car when new – and an even rarer car now. Prices have been steadily climbing, especially for well-maintained models in good condition.

If you’re thinking of purchasing an Integra Type R, read our buyer’s guide here.

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