How Do I Tell If My 300ZX Is Twin Turbo?

The Nissan 300ZX is one of our favourite Japanese sports cars.

Its futuristic design still looks modern and cutting-edge all these years later:

Prices for 300ZXs have been climbing in recent years, as this relatively rare car becomes increasingly difficult to find with time and mileage taking its toll on the pool of “survivors”.

If you’ve seen our Nissan 300ZX buying guide, then you’ll know that the 300ZX came in two engine variants. There was a 3.0 v6 twin turbo, and then a naturally aspirated version.

If you’ve picked up a 300ZX (or you’re looking at one) then you might be asking “how do I tell if my 300ZX is twin turbo?”

There are a few ways to tell, but in our opinion the easiest and fastest way to tell if your 300ZX is twin turbo is to look at the gauge cluster.

If you have a twin turbo 300ZX, then there will be a turbo boost gauge in the cluster that looks like this:

You can see the turbo boost gauge under the speedometer (the leftmost main gauge).

Non-turbo variants do not have this clearly marked turbo gauge – as per this example:

Notice the lack of boost gauge under the speedometer (NB: this is a metric/Japanese speedo)

So if you’re wondering “how do I determine if my 300ZX is twin turbo?” Then this is an easy way to do so without having to do so much as get out of the car and pop the bonnet.

How easy is that?

Make sure you consult our Nissan 300ZX buying guide for more information on scoring yourself a great deal on this increasingly rare Japanese classic.


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