Porsche Buyer’s Guides

Porsche is regarded as one of the greatest car companies of all time. They are known for producing high-performance sports cars, sedans and SUVS, and they are arguably the most successful manufacturer when it comes to motorsport.


944 (1982 – 1991)

The 944 was an incredibly well-built sports car that was aimed at the mid-range market. Today the Porsche 944 has become somewhat of a collector’s item, but despite this they are still…


porsche cayenne buyer's guide featured image

First Generation Cayenne – 955 & 957 (2003 – 2010)

While there have been a few new generations of the Cayenne since 2003, the first generation model is still a great buy for those who need a practical Porsche and are on a bit of a budget. Unfortunately, many first…