Singapore Formula 1 GP Guide and Review – 2020

The Singapore Grand Prix was an instant hit when it joined the calendar in 2008 and it has gone on to become one of the highlights of the Formula One season. As all the events are held in the evening, it gives attendees the opportunity to check out what the city of Singapore has to offer.

The Singapore Grand Prix is a great event to attend, whether it is your first time at an F1 event or you have been to lots before. There is also plenty of things to do for those who aren’t so interested in racing such as concerts, challenges and more!

In this guide and review we are going to give you all the information you need to know about the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix.

Tickets & Seating for the Singapore GP

As the Singapore Grand Prix is a street circuit, viewing is much more limited than on some of the other tracks on the calendar. No matter which grandstand or walkabout ticket you choose, you won’t get a view of much more than the section of the track in front of you. However, the incredible backdrop of Singapore at night and the sparks coming of the cars will more than make up for this.

With limited viewing angles it is important to choose the right ticket. In this section we will cover all the different grandstands and tickets on offer. We will also let you know what we think are the best tickets. Let’s start with the ticket options:

Singapore Grand Prix Tickets

We will update this section of the article when the 2020 Singapore GP ticket information is released.


The Marina Bay circuit is broken up into four different zones, which control your movement and what you can see. More expensive tickets (such as the pit grand stand or Premiere Walkabout) offer access to all four zones. Events such as concerts take place in different zones, so if you want to see an act make sure you check what zone they are playing in. You can see the different zones (green, red, purple and yellow) in the circuit map below.

Grandstands and Viewing Areas

There are a number of different grandstands and viewing areas. All grandstands around the Marina Bay circuit have at least one large TV, so you can keep up to date with the on-track action. Apart from the Bay Grandstand, we recommend that you try to get a seat in the highest possible row to get a better view of the circuit. Check out the different grandstands below:

Pit Grandstand

Gives access to zones 1-4 and is located along the start/finish straight. Comprised of sections AA and AB. A15/16 are located right on the start line, while A3/4 have the best views of the podium celebrations. Higher numbered sections are closer to T1 and there are 16 rows in each section. It is important to get seats high in this section as the fence can block your view quite a bit.

  • Why we would choose the Pit Grandstand – For those looking to see action in the pits, the pre-race shenanigans and the race start, the Pit Grandstand is the best option. Additionally, you have access to all zones so you can view the on-track action from all the different viewing points on the track.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose the Pit Grandstand – On-track action along the pit lane isn’t that exciting from this grandstand and the seats are expensive compared to some other options. Seats that are low down and close to the fence have limited viewing and we don’t feel they are worth it.
Turn 1 Grandstand

Gives access to zones 1-4 and is located at the end of the start/finish straight on Turn 1. It is comprised of sections A2 to A9 and there are 20 rows in each section. Sections A2 to A5 are located before the corner so you will get more of a view of the rear of the cars.

The best section of the bunch is A7 which is close to the track and right on the apex of Turn 1. Here you will not only be able to view the cars going through Turn 1, but also entering Turns 2 and 3. Sections A8 and A9 also provide great viewing but are set back slightly further. These two sections provide a panoramic view of the main straight, the pit exit and first few corners.

  • Why we would choose Turn 1 Grandstand – The first couple of corners on any circuit provide some great first lap action and Turn 1 on the Marina Bay Circuit is no different. One of the most memorable moments of the 2017 season was when Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen collided at Turn 1, so you will definitely see some action here. Additionally, you can see some of the action down the pit straight and the pre-race proceedings. We would personally choose this Grandstand over the Pit Grandstand.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose Turn 1 Grandstand – If you are on a budget, this Grandstand probably isn’t for you. Most of the viewing in this grandstand is of the back of the cars, which is a negative to some.
Turn 2 Grandstand

Gives access to zones 1-4 and is located down the back of the straight along Turns 1 and 2. It is split into sections A1 through to A6. Fans seated in this grandstand will have a great view of the first three corners of the Marina Bay Circuit. Section A1 has an excellent view down the pit straight (great if you want to watch the race start). At the other end of the grandstand (A6), Fans will get a great view of Turn 3.

  • Why we would choose Turn 2 Grandstand – Lower sections of the Turn 2 Grandstand have a better view of the pit straight than on the Turn 1 Grandstand, so we would recommend Section A1 for those who want to watch the race start. Additionally, you also get a better head on view of the cars going through Turn 1 in this Grandstand than on the Turn 1 Grandstand.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose Turn 2 Grandstand – Like Turn 1, the Turn 2 Grandstand is a more expensive grandstand and is probably not for those on a budget. Additionally, the view of the cars going through Turns 3 and 4 isn’t as good as the Turn 1 Grandstand.
Turn 3 Premier Grandstand

Gives access to zones 1-4 and is located between Turns 2 and 3. It is opposite to the exit of the pit lane and provides some of the best views of the Singapore Grand Prix. While you won’t see the pit straight and grid from this grandstand, you will have an excellent view of Turns 2 and 3 where lots of action occurs. Additionally, this grandstand features its own dedicated bathroom facilities, wider cushioned seats and access to an exclusive food and beverage area next to it. Turn 3 Premier ticket holders also receive the following:

  • 2 meal vouchers
  • 2 snack vouchers
  • 5 drink vouchers
  • Pack that contains earplugs, poncho/raincoat and much more!

Below we have listed why we would choose this grandstand and why we wouldn’t choose it.

  • Why we would choose Turn 3 Premier Grandstand – If you are looking for some of the best seats around the Marina Bay Circuit with lots of action, the Turn 3 Grandstand won’t disappoint. The wider cushioned seats make the whole experience much nicer and the nicer bathrooms located by the grandstand are a big plus. If you have the cash to splash you should definitely consider this grandstand (we would take it over Turns 1, 2 and the Pit Grandstand).
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose Turn 3 Premier Grandstand – It’s a lot of extra money for this Grandstand and for some it just isn’t worth it. If you want to see the pit straight and starting grid, pick a different grandstand.
Stamford Grandstand

Gives access to zone 4 only and is located at the end of Raffles Boulevard in front of the Civilian War Memorial. Stamford is broken up into sections A1 to A7 with lower numbered sections being closer to Turn 7, and higher numbered sections closer to Turn 8. Turn 7 (Memorial) is a slow-left hander that provides plenty of overtaking opportunities for drivers and entertainment for fans. Turn 8 doesn’t provide as much excitement as Turn 7 but it does offer a better view of Turn 14. We recommend that your try to get a high up seat (higher than at least Row 12) in Section A1.

  • Why we would choose Stamford Grandstand – If you are looking for some action on a budget this Grandstand could be for you. You also get a bit of a view of Turn 14 and Esplanade Drive, so you can view more than what is just in front of you (rare in Singapore). This grandstand is also close to the circuit gates, so you can pop in and out of the circuit area quickly.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose Stamford Grandstand – Turns 7 and 8 are relatively slow corners, so you won’t get to see just how impressive a Formula One car in full flight is. Practice and qualifying sessions aren’t that exciting in this grandstand, so we wouldn’t recommend it for all three days (race day is fantastic however). Stamford Grandstand is Zone 4 only so you will miss out on some of the activities, viewing areas and events that other grandstand tickets offer.
Padang Grandstand A

Gives access to zone 4 only and is located near Turn 9 on the inside of the circuit. It is broken up into sections A1 through to A10 with A1 being closer to Turn 9. Low numbered sections in a high row are better for this grandstand. Padang Grandstand A is located close to the Padang stage where the biggest concerts take place.

  • Why we would choose Padang Grandstand A – This is a budget friendly grandstand and the backdrop of the National Gallery and other buildings in the area is truly impressive. If you want to see the concerts and other events held at the Padang stage, this grandstand along with Padang Grandstand B are excellent choices. Padang A is slightly closer to the circuit gates than Padang B, so it is easier to get out and into the city. We recommend this grandstand for those who may be more into the music lineup than the racing.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose Padang Grandstand A – If you are looking for on-track action you should probably look elsewhere. You won’t see many overtakes in this grandstand and most of the viewing is of the cars driving down the straight. Higher sections of Grandstand B have better viewing, so we would choose before going for Grandstand A. If you want to see zones 1, 2 and 3 you will have to buy a different ticket.
Padang Grandstand B

Gives access to zone 4 only and is located near Turn 10 on the inside of the circuit. It is broken up into sections B1 through to B11 with B11 being closer to Turn 10. Pick a high numbered section (B11, B10, etc.) in a high row for better viewing of the on-track action. Padang Grandstand B is located close to the Padang stage where the biggest concerts take place.

  • Why we would choose Padang Grandstand B – Like Padang A, B is a fairly budget friendly option that offer that is worth considering due to its proximity to the Padang stage. The backdrop of the National Gallery and surrounding buildings is excellent and watching the cars go into Turn 10 is great. Choose this grandstand if you are more interested in the music rather than the F1.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose Padang Grandstand B – Not much on-track action happens here, so pick something like the Stamford Grandstand to see overtaking on a budget. Lower numbered sections (B1, etc.) don’t provide a great view of the cars going into Turn 10 and could be a bit boring. Grandstand B is further away from the exits than A so it is more difficult to get out and go into the city. If you want to see zones 1, 2 and 3 you will have to buy a different ticket.
Empress Grandstand

Note: this view is from the viewing platform. In this video you can see the grandstand on the left. 

Gives access to zone 4 only and is located on the outside of Turn 12. This grandstand provides a great view of the cars going through Turns 11 and 12, and down Fullerton road. It is located near Gate 4 by the Asian Civilisations Musuem so it is easy to get out into the city. Sections closer to T12 will give a slightly better view of the cars going down Fullerton road.

  • Why we would choose the Empress Grandstand – This grandstand is arguably the best in Zone 4 as it provides a great view of the cars going through Turns 11 and 12. While not much overtaking happens here, watching the cars go through these medium speed corners is certainly impressive. Easy access to the city is also nice and the Grandstand is still fairly close to the Padang stage so you can see all the great acts perform.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose the Empress Grandstand – If you want to see lots of overtakes pick Stamford over this grandstand or one of the more expensive options on Turns 1, 2 and 3. It is also slightly more expensive than some of the other Zone 4 options available, so may not be the best for those on a really tight budget.
Connaught Grandstand

Gives access to zone 4 only and is located near Turn 14 along the end of Esplanade Drive. This mid-priced grandstand lies at the end of one of the highest speed parts of the track and has sections A1 – A8. The cars hurtle down the Esplanade Drive before having to brake heavily for Turn 14, a real treat to see. While wheel to wheel action is fairly common here, overtakes are not.

Lower numbered sections (A1, etc.) are best avoided as they are located further away from Turn 14 and they only have 7 rows. Higher numbered sections (A7, A8, etc.) are located closer to Turn 14, so you get a good view of any action going into the corner. Additionally, if you are high up in a section such as A8 you will also be able to view Turn 8 and a bit of 7.

  • Why we would choose the Connaught Grandstand – If you want to see the true performance of an F1 car, this grandstand is a fairly good choice. Being able to see the action in Turn 14, 8 and a little bit of 7 (if you are in the right seat) is really good. The grandstand is fairly close to the Padang Stage and the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, which is great if you want to see some music acts as well. The view along Esplanade Drive is great.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose Connaught Grandstand – If you want to see lots of overtaking you are probably going to be disappointed. While there is more action here than some other Zone 4 grandstands, something like section A1 of Stamford is better than this grandstand for overtakes. Additionally, low numbered sections further away from Turn 14 have a pretty poor view and are not worth it at all. Those on a really tight budget may be better with a cheaper option.
Bay Grandstand

Gives access to zone 3 and 4 and is located near Turns 16 through to 19. This is the cheapest grandstand around the Marina Bay circuit and is only slightly more expensive than the Zone 4 Walkabout tickets. It is the only permanent grandstand around the circuit and it is the largest. Unlike other grandstands, it is better to get a seat lower down in the rows (below around 30) as it is hard to see the TV screens and track. There are 83 rows in this grandstand.

  • Why we would choose the Bay Grandstand – If you are on a tight budget but want something more than the Zone 4 Walkabout ticket this grandstand is a good option. The backdrop of Marina Bay Sands and bay area is truly spectacular and you will get some great nighttime photos of the city. Still has access to Zone 4 so you can see the music acts play, but can return to a seat if you get tired. The Bay grandstand is in the prime position to see the post-race fireworks.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose the Bay Grandstand – This grandstand is cheap for a reason and not much on-track action happens here. You will only get a short glimpse of the cars and higher up seats are pretty terrible for viewing both the track and TV screen action. If you just want to listen to the music and aren’t interested in the racing, pick the Zone 4 walkabout ticket to save yourself some money.

General Admission Walkabout Tickets

If you are not interested in sitting in a grandstand or you are looking to save some money, walkabout ticket options may be for you. We have listed them below along with the best places to view from.

Singapore’s general admission tickets suffer the same problem as many other street circuits – limited viewing and you have to fight with other attendees to get a good spot. You may also find it difficult to follow the on-track action due to a lack of TV screens in the general viewing areas. However, some of the best views can be had if you get to a viewing area nice and early.

Zone 4 Walkabout

Gives access to zone 4. This is the cheapest option for those who want to attend the Singapore Grand Prix. There are various different viewing areas around Zone 4 and you will have access to the Padang Stage and the events that happen there.

  • Why we would choose the Zone 4 Walkabout – If you are more into the music events than the F1 and want the cheapest option available, this is the ticket for you. You can get some alright viewing of the cars if you get to the viewing spots super early, but it will be crowded. Additionally, if you don’t mind standing up all day you can save yourself a bit of money.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose the Zone 4 Walkabout – If you want to get a good view of the racing events this ticket isn’t worth it. You won’t see much on-track action and most of the viewing areas don’t have TVs so it is difficult to keep up with what is happening during the race. Additionally, the viewing areas are really crowded and it can be quite uncomfortable standing up for long periods of time. If you move someone will take your spot, so you need to be prepared to stay in the same place for the whole session. This ticket option is not recommended for those who want to really watch the F1!
Premier Walkabout

Gives access to zone 1, 2, 3 and 4. This is a more expensive version of the general admission ticket above and gives access to all zones. You will also have access to some viewing platforms that Zone 4 walkabout ticket holders don’t have access to. Not only do you have access to better viewing areas, you can also see some music acts play in on the Sunset Stage in Zone 1

  • Why we would choose the Premier Walkabout – This ticket option has access to some of the best viewing spots available and is around the same price as some of the Zone 4 grandstand options. If you want to have access to all four zones for the 3 days this is the best priced option (Much cheaper than Turn 1, 2 or 3 Grandstands). The Premiere Viewing platforms provide a good view of most sections of the track, especially if you get there early. Lots of hardcore fans purchase these tickets.
  • Why We Wouldn’t Choose the Zone 4 Walkabout – If you think you might want to sit down during the event don’t purchase the Premier Walkabout ticket option as you will have to stand to get a good view. Additionally, it can get pretty crowded on the viewing platforms so if you don’t like the sound of that purchase a different ticket. Some viewing areas don’t have TVs so it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on in other parts of the circuit. It is quite expensive compared to the Zone 4 Walkabout option and some other Zone 4 Grandstands.

Viewing Spots for Walkabout Ticket Holders

Below we have listed the different viewing spots for walkabout ticket holders in all four zones. Unfortunately, circuit organisers put up a lot of black screens around the track, so you can only see the cars at the specified viewing points or grandstands. This is unfortunate as the viewing areas can become quite crowded.

Friday and Saturday are the best two days for walkabout tickets. Try to get a grandstand for race day.

Viewing spots at the Singapore Grand Prix

Zone 1

Turn 1 – This viewing area/platform is located next to the Turn 1 Grandstand. From here you will be able to see the cars come down the Pit Straight and into Turn 1. Definitely worth checking out during some of the practice sessions. If you stand here for the race you will be able to some of the pre-race shenanigans.

Turn 3 – Another great viewing area. If you want to see the start of the race action this is probably the best viewing platform to watch from. Watching the cars go through Turns 2, 3 and 4 is great. Highly recommended!

Turn 5 – Not quite as good as the Turn 3 viewing area, but is definitely worth checking out. There is quite a lot of space here so it is not as crowded as some of the other viewing areas (although it will still be busy during the qualifying and race).

Turn 22 – This is one of the most impressive places to watch from. Watching the cars on the limit through Turn 22 is spectacular and you will really get a sense of just how fast an F1 car is. You will be mainly looking at the back of the cars here, but you simply won’t car when you watch them go past. Highly recommended!

Turn 23  – You won’t be able to get as close to the cars when viewing from this platform, but you will be able to see them without the barrier getting in the way (on some parts of the platform). The cars do look impressive going through here and you will get a bit of a view down the pit straight along with a nice view of the city.

Zone 2

Turn 21 Exit – This spot starts in Zone 2 just below the over bridge and merges into the Turn 22 viewing area in Zone 1. Get a spot close to the bridge on the outside of the track and watch the cars come out of Turn 21. This is a truly impressive spot as you can see how precise the drivers are with the car. If you stand here long enough, one of the drivers will inevitably hit the wall. Really exciting spot for practice and qualifying sessions, highly recommended!

On the inside of the track, between Turns 21 and 22, is another great spot for viewing the cars. While it isn’t as exiting as the outside of the track you can still get a view of the cars coming out of Turn 21. There is also a grassy hill to sit on and it seems to be a bit less crowded than some other viewing areas. Not great for the race, but well worth checking out for practice sessions.

Zone 3

There are no designated viewing areas in this zone as the circuit is hidden by black plastic sheet. You can get a glimpse of the cars if you jump, but we don’t recommend doing that for 2 hours!

Zone 4

Turn 7 – Quite a lot of overtaking action happens at Turn 7, making this viewing area one of the best in Zone 4. You can also get quite close to the cars which is an added bonus. Gets very busy during F1 sessions (especially during the race), so get here nice and early if you want to get a good view. Additionally, the Stamford Grandstand blocks the view of the cars going into Turn 8.

Turn 8 – There are a few different viewing areas here with the first being before the corner. Not a bad spot as there can be a few overtakes through Turn 8, but the Turn 7 spot is better for on-track action. The second spot is after Turn 8 and along the straight heading down to Turn 9. The further away you are from Turn 8 the less action you will probably see.

Next to the Padang Grandstands – While they aren’t labelled on the map, you can get a glimpse of the cars going by in the spaces next to the Padang Grandstands. If you do want to check out this area go to the left of Padang Grandstand B. While it is not an incredible view, you can get quite close to the cars and watch them hurtle towards Turn 10. Note, there are no viewing platforms here.

Turn 11 – On the left of the Empress Grandstand there is a viewing spot where you can see the cars come out of Turn 10 and enter Turn 11. This is a good spot as you can get a good sense of speed as the drivers fling their cars through Turn 11.

Turn 12 – There are two spots here with the first being on the inside of the track and the second on the outside. The inside track viewing area has a couple of viewing platforms, but we feel it doesn’t provide a great view of the cars. If it stretched closer to Turn 11 it would be better, but the trees and fence in front of the viewing platform block quite a bit.

The viewing platform and area on the outside of Turn 12 is excellent. We feel it is probably one of, if not the best area to watch the cars from in Zone 4 for walkabout ticket holders (Grandstand ticket holders should also check it out). The best spot is at the entrance of the viewing platform or on the ground close to the fence. Watching the cars come past here is truly impressive and you should be able to get some good shots if you have a nice camera.

Esplanade Drive – This area stretches all the way from Turn 13 down to the Connaught Grandstand. Most of the viewing platforms are closer to Turn 13 and there are some places along Esplanade Drive that you can’t view from. The platform closest to Turn 13 usually has the most action, but you won’t be able to see a TV. There are a couple of TVs further down Esplanade Drive, rarity for general admission areas.

Raffles Ave – Between Turns 14 and 15 there is a long viewing area on the inside of the track. This isn’t a bad spot but you probably won’t see that much action. Get a spot closer to Turn 14 and if you are lucky you may see an overtake.

Turn 15 – On the outside of Turn 15 before the over bridge you can get a view of the cars going by. This isn’t an official viewing area, but unlike many other parts of the track there is no black screen to block your view. Security didn’t want people watching from this point as they believed it was blocking the walkway (even though it wasn’t).

Hospitality Packages


There are a number of different package options for the Singapore Grand Prix, which we have listed below. All hospitality packages offer access to all four zones around the Marina Bay Circuit.


Price (USD)

Paddock Club


Upper Deck

Starting from 1809

Sky Suite

Starting from 1493


Starting from 1177

The Green Room




 Paddock Club

For those looking for the ultimate Singapore Grand Prix experience, look no further than the F1 Paddock Club ticket. The Paddock Club is offered at all races on the calendar and pass holders at the Singapore GP have access to multiple viewing locations and a vast air-conditioned suite that runs the length of the pit straight. Paddock Club holders have access to gourmet cuisine from celebrity chefs and restaurants. Additionally, they get daily put lane walks, exclusive music entertainment, driver appearances and more.

Upper Deck

Located on the upper level of Boardwalk the Upper Deck offers an elevated VIP hospitality experience. Guests will have access to an air-conditioned suite, exceptional food and drink offerings, daily pit lane walks, an unobstructed view of the on-track action and more. The Upper Deck Package is the only single-day Paddock Club ticket option and tickets are extremely limited in numbers.

Sky Suite

Located on the outside of the track, the Sky Suite offers viewing from the pit straight, Turn 1 and Turn 2. Pass holders have access to world class food and drink options, along with a fully air-conditioned suite and private viewing gallery. There are also private suites available (although a minimum number of guests is required).


Positioned at the start of the pit straight just after Turn 23, Twenty3 offers great viewing and access to Michelin-starred chefs. Ticket holders will also have access to a two-way ferry service and the option of indoor or outdoor seating.

The Green Room

Located at the end of the pit straight by Turn 1, The Green Room offers access to a fully-air-conditioned room with an attached viewing gallery and a world class menu. Unlike some other suites, The Green Room has no minimum guest requirement.

Lounge@Turn 3

Turn 3 provides some of the best action at the Singapore GP and the Lounge@Turn 3 package option lets you catch all the action in air-conditioned comfort. Alternatively, you can sit outside on one of the pre-assigned seats in the Turn 3 Premier Grandstand. Along with great viewing, ticket holders will also get daily meal and snack voucher, along with access to executive restroom facilities.

All these package options can be viewed here.

Food & Drink at the Singapore Grand Prix

Behind each of the grandstands there are pop-up places to get food and drinks. The biggest areas are around the Padang Stage in Zone 4, in the F1 Village in Zone 1, behind the Pit Grandstand, behind the Stamford Grandstand, and behind the Empress Grandstand.

There are a range of different food and drink options available from these pop-up areas, so everyone should be able to find something they want. While these areas are great, we actually recommend that you go to the following.

Best Places to get Food and Drink at the Singapore GP

The non-permanent pop-up stands at the Singapore GP offer a great variety of food and drink, but they are expensive. For a quick drink they are great, but we would go to the following if you want to get some food.

Under the Singapore Flyer – There are places to buy food and drink under the Singapore Flyer. These are permanent shops/restaurants and they are usually much cheaper than the pop-up stands.

Around the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay – There are numerous different shops and restaurants in and around the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay area. The 7-Eleven here has some cheap food and drink options for those on a budget.

Shopping Malls (Marina Square, Raffles City, etc.) – The great thing about a city race like Singapore is the fact that you can easily exit the track and go out into the wider city area. There are loads of malls really close to the Marina Bay Circuit and they all have great food at much cheaper prices. Additionally, these malls are air conditioned which is nice after sitting in a hot grandstand for a couple of hours. You should have plenty of time to pop-out during a break in the on-track events.

Bringing Food & Drink into the Circuit

Unfortunately, you cannot bring any food into the Singapore GP and you are only allowed one bottle of clear liquid (water, etc.). This is pretty harsh when compared to some other races (Suzuka you could bring in as much as you want from memory). Security checks your bag when you go through the gates and they will ask you to through any excess away.

Off-Track Activities at the Singapore GP

There are numerous different events, activities and more to see and do at the Singapore GP. We have listed these below.


The Singapore GP is known for its party atmosphere and incredible artist lineup. Music artists such as the Swedish House Mafia, Muse, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gwen Stefani and the Lighthouse Family played at the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix. Most of the big acts play on the Padang Stage, but some acts are exclusive to Zone 1 stages. If you want to get to the front of these concerts you will have to get to the stage early.

Classic Car Display

The 2019 Singapore Grand Prix featured a classic car display in Zone 1 by the Wharf Stage. These cars would later be used for the drivers’ parade on race day. If you are interested in classic cars it is definitely worth checking out if you have access to Zone 1.

F1 Game Stations

Test your driving skills with the official F1 game. These gaming stations are great fun but the line can sometimes be quite long.

Pit Stop Challenge

Ever fancied yourself as one of the pit-crew? The Pit Stop Challenge lets you have a go at changing the wheels on a Formula 1 car. You need a team of three people and the fastest teams go head-to-head on the Sunday. The fastest team usually wins something like 3 Paddock Passes, so it is definitely worth giving this fun challenge a go.

Getting to & around the Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore is a compact city with excellent public transport and cheap taxis. Getting to the Singapore Grand Prix is a breeze compared to some other races. Below we have listed everything you need to know about getting to the Singapore Grand Prix.

Singapore Changi Airport

Changi is one of the busiest airports in the world and it has arguably the best facilities of any airport. Direct flights from many major centers in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australasia are available. Changi is home to Singapore Airlines, the country’s main carrier. Singapore Airlines is also the main sponsor of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Flying from Europe – Many major airlines (including Singapore Airlines) fly direct from Europe. The flight usually takes anywhere from around 11 to 13 hours. Prices usually range from around £350 (€400) to around £700 (€800) for Economy class.

Flying from the USA – Singapore Airlines operates some very long haul flights from the likes of New Your, San Francisco, LA and more. If you go on most other airlines you will have to make at least one stop along the way. Prices can range from around US$500 to $1000 in economy class.

Flying from Australia – Western Australians have it easy and it is only a short 4 to 5-hour flight from places like Perth or Darwin. Those on the east coast of Australia will have to fly further, but it is still only a 7-8 hour flight. For those on a low budget, low cost carriers such as Scoot, Jetstar and Tiger Air provide cheap tickets. More premium carriers such as Singapore Airlines and Qantas also fly direct to Singapore from most major centres. Prices usually range from just under AU$300 to $800 depending on the carrier and where you are flying from.

Flying from New Zealand – Direct flights on Singapore Airlines are available from Auckland and Christchurch (Air NZ also goes from Auckland to Singapore). If you want to go on a cheaper airline such as Jetstar you will have to stop off in Australia. Flights usually range from NZ$600 to $1200 for a return economy class ticket.

Flying from Asia – Flying in from different parts of Southeast Asia is easy and won’t take you long. Coming in from places like Japan and South Korea is a little bit further but you can still get cheap flights on low cost carriers.

Taking the Train to Singapore

If you are in Southeast Asia it is possible to take the train to Singapore. The Southeast Asian rail network us surprisingly extensive and cheap to use. Daily trains are available from Kuala Lumpur that take around 6-8 hours.

Driving or Taking a Bus

We wouldn’t recommend driving to Singapore, but taking a bus from places like Kuala Lumpur is cheap and only takes around 5-6 hours.

Getting to the Marina Bay Circuit

There are plenty of hotels around the Marina Bay Circuit, so if you are staying at one of those you can simply walk to the track. If you are more than a short walk away, take a train, a bus or a taxi as Singapore’s hot weather can be pretty unbearable on a long walk.

Taking a Train

Singapore’s MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) rail system is incredibly clean and efficient. Ticket machines are available at all MRT stations and the train fares are well priced. There are a number of different payment options for the MRT which we have listed below:

  • Single ticket – You can buy a single ticket that will vary in price depending on the length of your journey. These tickets can be recharged up to six times in a 30 day period before they expire. This is probably the most expensive option if you are using the rail system a lot. If you only plan to use the MRT a couple of times, just buy a single ticket.
  • EZ-Link or NETS Flashplay card – These cards are available at various different stores around Singapore including 7-Eleven, at the airport and at major Transitlink offices. The EZ-Link card costs $5 (which is non-refundable) and you have to have a minimum balance of $3 on it. Currently, the NETS Flashplay card doesn’t cost anything and is probably the best value of the two. However, EZ-Link cards seem to be easier to find. If you plan to use the MRT lots and for more than 3 days, get one of these cards.
  • Singapore Tourist PassThis pass offers unlimited travel on public transport for 1-3 days (depending on what one you go for). The best one to go for is probably the SG Tourist Pass at $25 for 3 days of unlimited rides on public transport. If you are only in Singapore for 3 or 4 days, get one of these passes.
  • Foreign-issued Mastercard or Visa contactless bank cards – This is probably the worst method as foreign transaction and currency conversion fees may apply.

Taking a Bus

Buses are available if you don’t want to take the train or aren’t close to a station. Taking a bus is the most economical way to get around Singapore and you also get to see the surrounding city. You can pay for bus fares by the following methods.

  • Cash – need the exact amount
  • EZ-Link or NETS Flashplay card
  • Singapore Tourist Pass
  • Foreign-issued Mastercard or Visa contactless bank cards

There are plenty of bus stops around the city and circuit, so you should have no trouble finding a stop close to your gate.

Taking a Taxi

Singapore taxis are amazingly well priced and handy if you want to get to places not accessible by the bus or MRT. Cabs in Singapore are metered, but there may be surcharges depending on when, where and which company’s taxi you board. A 25% surcharge is usually applied in the morning and evening peak hour times, and a 50% one is applied between midnight and 6am. Short taxi fares should come in under $20, with longer ones costing $20 – $40.

If you want to book a taxi, you can call 6-DIAL CAB (6342-5222) and your call will be routed to an available taxi company’s call centre.

Singapore Grand Prix Gates

When you receive your F1 pass/passes you will notice that they have a recommended gate for your grandstand. This is important to take note of as you don’t want to wind up on the other side of the circuit! Below we have listed the gates and their closest MRT station.

GateGrandstand/Walkabout ZoneClosest MRT Station
1Pit, Marina Pit, Turn 1, Turn 2 & Turn 3 Premier (Zone 1)Nicoll Highway
2Pit, Marina Pit, Turn 1, Turn 2 & Turn 3 Premier (Zone 1, 2)


3A & 3BStamford, Padang (Zone 4)City Hall, Esplanade
4Empress, Padang (Zone 4)Raffles Place
5Esplanade Drive (Zone 4)Raffles Place
6Esplanade Drive (Zone 4)


7Bay (Zone 3)City Hall, Esplanade, Raffles Place
8Same as Gate 2 (Zone 1,2)Bayfront Station


Same as Gate 2 (Zone 1,2)

Bayfront Station

Accommodation for the Singapore GP

The Formula One Grand Prix is one of Singapore’s biggest events of the year and as a result, accommodation is in hot demand. Hotels tend to put up their prices for this event, but there are still plenty of good options whether you are looking to splash some cash or you are looking for some cheaper options. Below we have listed some well-reviewed and highly recommended hotels.

Luxury Accommodation

Marina Bay SandsOne of Singapore’s finest hotels and most iconic buildings, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino is comprised of three towers connected by a boat like roof with an infinity pool on top. At its opening in 2010, it was billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property at S$8 billion, including the land cost. The resort, designed by Moshe Safdie, includes 2,561-hotel rooms, a convention centre, a shopping mall and much more.

Raffles SingaporeArguably the city state’s most famous hotel, Raffles Singapore is a colonial-style luxury hotel that was established by Armenian hoteliers, the Sarkies Brothers, in 1887. This incredible five-star hotel is only a short walk from the Padang area of the Marina Bay Circuit.

The FullertonIs a five-star luxury hotel located near the mouth of the Singapore River that overlooks Turn 13 of the Marina Bay Circuit. The Fullerton Building was originally commissioned in 1924 as part of the British colony’s centennial celebrations and was designed as an office building by Major P.H. Keys of Keys & Dowdeswell.

Shangri-La HotelFounded by Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok in 1971, the Shangri-La Hotel company has over 100 luxury hotels and resorts in countries all over the world. In Singapore, there are a few Shangri-La hotels/resorts (including one on Sentosa Island) that offer premium accommodation.

Mid-Range Accommodation

Days HotelLocated in the Balestier/Novena area, Days Hotel Singapore is only a few stops away from the City Hall MRT station near Zone 4 of the Marina Bay Circuit. Its reasonably priced, has an all you can eat breakfast and is close to many other restaurants and eateries.

Heritage Apartments SingaporeWith some of the highest reviews on for Singapore Accomodation, Heritage Apartments is a great mid-range option for F1 attendees. There are various different apartment locations available around Singapore from City Hall to Clarke Quay, China Town and more. Note, children under 18 are not allowed and there is a minimum number of nights you have to book for. Better if you are going to stay longer in Singapore.

Oasia Hotel NovenaLocated in Novena, this hotel is near the Novena MRT train station, which is only a few stops from Zone 4 at the Marina Bay Circuit. This is one of the best priced 4-star hotels in Singapore.

Budget Accommodation

DreamLodge SingaporeIs one of the best reviewed hostels in Singapore and is perfect for F1 attendees on a budget. Located centrally in Singapore along Lavender Street, DreamLodge is housed in a 1950’s era shophouse. Being in one of Singapore’s oldest districts, the area has lots to offer and is closs to 3 MRT stations.

The PodIs located in Singapore’s Arab district and is extremely well reviewed. There are a number of different ‘Pod’ options and the price is very reasonable. Definitely worth checking out if you are on a budget.

ibis budget Singapore Emerald (formerly known as Fragrance Hotel – Emerald) – Those looking for a hotel on a budget can’t go wrong with the ibis budget Singapore Emerald. This 2-star hotel is located in Geylang, so you will have to take the train to get to the circuit.

ibis budget Singapore Selegie (formerly known as Fragrance Hotel – Selegie) – Slightly closer to the Marina Bay Circuit, ibis budget Selegie is a 3 star hotel that you should also check out if you are on a budget. You can definitely walk to the circuit from this hotel, but it may be more comfortable to take the train or a taxi.

There are lots more hotels, hostels and apartments in Singapore. This is just a quick example of some of the best reviewed at various different price points.

Other Things to do in Singapore

Whether you stay on in Singapore for an extra couple of days or want to kill some time in the morning, there is lots to do in the city and surrounding area. Here is a list of some of the top ten best things to do in Singapore when you are away from the racing.

Explore Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a 2.2km entertainment and shopping avenue in the heart of Singapore. It is full of shops that will cater to pretty much anyone from budget minded shoppers to those who want to splash some cash. Even if you don’t plan to do any shopping it is well worth taking a stroll down this impressive stretch of road.

Visit Gardens By The Bay

One of Singapore’s most impressive tourist attractions, Gardens By The Bay is located near the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is divided into three main sections: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. Gardens By The Bay is even more impressive at night than it is during the day. Don’t forget to check out the amazing light and sound show!

Check Out Chinatown

Singapore’s Chinatown is a delightful mix of old and new in the city’s central area. It is packed full of old temples, historic shophouses, traditional markets and great restaurants.

Go On The Luge

What better way to psych yourself up for the Formula One than to do a bit of racing yourself. The Skyline Luge on Sentosa is great fun and fairly well price. There are four different tracks available and you can even do it at night.

Try The Mega Adventure MegaZip

If you are a bit of a thrill seeker the Mega Adventure MegaZip is well worth a try. The MegaZip zipline takes you from the hill on Sentosa Island all the way to the beach. Mega Adventure also offers MegaClimb (an obstacle course) and MegaJump (a bungee jump) that we recommend you check out.

Visit The Zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world and is well worth visiting for both adults and children alike. It occupies 28 hectares of land and holds some of the rarest animals in the world. If you have time, the Singapore Zoo Night Safari is also worth trying.

Go To Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore was the first amusement park of its kind to open in Southeast Asia. The park has more than 20 attractions and is located on Sentosa Island. The themed zones include the Lost World, Ancient Egypt, New York, Hollywood, Madagascar and Far Far Away. Both adults and children will love Universal Studios.

Stroll Through Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a delightful place during both the day and night. It is packed full of bustling bars, restaurants, boutique shops and pumping nightclubs, that attract both tourists and locals.

Take The Treetop Walk At MacRitchie Reservoir

Standing 25 metres tall and at 250 metres long, the wooden walkway bridge at the MacRitchie Reservoir gives you an oppurtunity to see Singapore in a different way. It gives a fantastic panoramic view of the forest and animals along the walk. The treetop walk is 7km long and takes around 3 hours to complete.

Explore Little India

Little India features a dense network of streets and shops where you can find anything from colourful fabrics to fragrant spices and delicious food.

2019 Singapore Grand Prix Review

Now that we have covered the guide section of this article, let’s look at the best and worst bits about the 2019 Singapore Formula One Grand Prix. We will be focusing on how the event was run, what the viewing was like and more. Read on below to find out our thoughts!

The Good

  • Non-racing activities were excellent – All the concerts and extra activities really added to the event. The combination of excellent racing and a good music lineup meant that there is something for everybody at the Singapore Grand Prix.
  • Plenty of staff – There was an abundance of staff that were always happy to answer any questions.
  • Very well organized – Overall, the event was extremely well organized (apart from a few things which we will to soon). Lines moved quickly and everything seemed very efficient. All the events started on time and everything was well sign posted/labelled.
  • Easy to move around the circuit – While the circuit is large, it is easy to move from one area to the next. They also opened up the circuit at the end of the night so attendees could easily move to different parts of the track.
  • Good facilities – All the facilities at the Marina Bay circuit seemed to be in good order (for how many people were at the event) and were regularly cleaned. The only problem we come across was the toilet floor was sometimes a bit wet (they cleaned the floor lots).
  • Plenty of places to eat and drink – Whether you stay in the circuit or go out into the city, there are lots of places to eat and drink. We feel that going out into the city is a better option as food and drink prices are much cheaper.

The Bad

  • The circuit opens too late – We wish organisers would open the gates a bit earlier. The first on-track event of the day would start at the same time as the circuit gates open, so unless you were at the front of the line you would miss the start. If organisers could open the circuit gates 30 minutes earlier, it would solve this problem and the lines would probably be a bit shorter.
  • There are way too many black plastic screens blocking the track view – We understand that organisers don’t want attendees viewing areas that they have not paid for, but the amount of black plastic screens blocking the view is ridiculous. We talked with a number of other attendees at the event and they all felt the same way. Open up the track a bit so fans can watch from more places along the circuit. (This is a non-issue if you just watch from a grandstand, but walkabout ticket holders will find this very annoying).
  • Security wouldn’t deal with some extremely obnoxious attendees – There was loads of security at the Singapore Grand Prix, but when it came to dealing with some obnoxious people behind us on qualifying day they weren’t interested.
  • One bottle of water is not enough – Only being allowed one bottle of water (or non-alcoholic drink) and no food is a bit crap to be honest. It gets pretty hot in the grandstands and it would be nicer if you were allowed a couple of drinks and some food. In some other races we have attended you are allowed to bring in us much as you want. Still, there are lots of places to buy food and drink so it is not the end of the world.


The Singapore Grand Prix is an excellent race to attend, whether it is your first Formula One event or you have been to plenty before. This guide should give you most of what you need to know about attending the event. We will continue to update this article with fresh information.

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