Battle of the Beasts: Rimac Concept One vs Bugatti Veyron

While the Veyron is getting a bit long in the tooth now, it’s certainly no slouch when it comes outright straight line speed. We also know that electric cars have a penchant for eating petrol cars alive in drag races and 0-60mph tests. So how does the new Rimac Concept One electric hypercar stack up … Read more

Most Iconic British Comedy Cars

British comedy created not only some of TV’s most memorable characters, but it also produced some of the most iconic cars ever to grace the box. We’ve made a list of our favourite ones, check them out below. Only Fools and Horses – Del Boy’s Reliant Regal (Reliant Robin) Whether it was transporting hooky goods … Read more

Our Favourite Six Hot Hatches of the 80’s

Everyone loves a hot hatch. There’s nothing better than a car that you can use for shopping and then take for a spin down a country road on your way back home. We have so many these days, however the eighties was really where the fun began. Here’s our top Six from the 1980’s. Peugeot … Read more

The Grand Tour Hosts Try Their Hands At Forza Horizon 3

Grand Tour hosts, Jeremy Clarkson (the ape), James May (captain slow) and Richard Hammond (the short one) have had a go at the Forza Horizon 3 racing game and we think it’s a great bit of entertainment. We’ve got to say, we think that the three presenters are probably better at driving in real life. … Read more

A Brief History of McLaren

Both on and off the track, McLaren has become known as one of the premier motoring companies. They’ve been one of the most successful Formula One teams and have produced some of the fastest road going vehicles today. So where did it all start. Beginnings McLaren is a British car manufacturer that was founded by … Read more

Jackie Chan’s New Movie Features Some Serious Car Acrobatics

The Fast and Furious Franchise has become synonymous with crazy stunts and and physics that belong in another universe, but Jackie Chan’s new movie could top all that. Kung Fu Yoga is a Chinese/Bollywood creation that features not only Mr Chan’s infamous Kung Fu, but a bit of Car Fu as well. There’s even a … Read more