Will The Next Generation Nissan Patrol Have A V8?

Nissan’s next-generation 2025 Patrol, slated for release next year, is poised to part ways with its traditional V8 engine, sparking debate among enthusiasts. According to Nissan’s global head of product strategy and planning, Ivan Espinosa, the future ‘Y63’ Nissan Patrol will boast a twin-turbocharged V6 engine, heralding a new era for the iconic SUV.

In a bold statement at the Tokyo motor show, Espinosa addressed the shift from the beloved V8: “I think the customers, the moment they drive a twin-turbo V6, they discover a new universe. The capability, the performance, the acceleration, the power delivery – the customer will smile, I’m sure of it. It will outshine the V8 in all those metrics.”

Despite the end of the 5.6-litre ‘VK56’ V8 era – currently shared with the North American Armada and the soon-to-be discontinued Titan pickup – Espinosa remains optimistic about the future: “We built on the strengths of what we have. Off-road performance, of course, we’ll keep it.”

Enhancements in technology and driving dynamics are on the horizon, addressing the current model’s outdated infotainment system and overall performance. Espinosa confidently claims the new Patrol will surpass the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series, asserting, “The (Y63) is much better.”

However, diesel options are off the table for the new Patrol, with Espinosa dismissing the possibility. Instead, Nissan is cautiously approaching electrification, with full electric power not yet suitable for the Patrol’s typical use cases, especially given current battery limitations and the needs of long-distance drivers and towers.

Electrification remains a future possibility, with Espinosa hinting at solid-state batteries as a game-changer: “We are not necessarily rushing to electrify for the sake of electrifying. It’s timing and connecting the technology readiness with the customer requirements.”

In the interim, the possibility of hybridization exists but would require advancements in Nissan’s e-Power hybrid system and e-4orce electrified all-wheel-drive technology to meet the Patrol’s demands. With an eye on regulatory pressures and customer demand, Nissan isn’t ruling out the evolution of the Patrol’s powertrain over its lifecycle.

As the anticipation builds, the automotive world watches with bated breath: will the next Patrol satisfy the purists and embrace the future simultaneously? What do you think about the shift away from the legendary Nissan V8? 


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