We Just Crossed A Big Milestone

Garage Dreams has just crossed a substantial milestone.

As you might be aware, we also have a YouTube channel that accompanies this site.

The YouTube channel focuses on the production and release of high-quality, short documentaries about influential race cars and other vehicles that have had an impact on the automotive world.

Every video is created using unique, original 3d animation, which is a painstaking process.

We have five videos to date, with a sixth on its way (and hopefully to be completed before the end of the year).

However, the milestone we have crossed relates to the number of subscribers on the channel … Garage Dreams’ YouTube has just ticked up 10,000 subscribers.

While this doesn’t put us in the YouTube “big leagues” it’s an honour and privilege to know there are at least 10,000 people out there who found our videos interesting enough to subscribe.

If you haven’t already checked out our channel, then do so here (and do consider becoming the 10,001th subscriber!)

Thanks as well to everyone who has watched, liked and subscribed so far.


  • Sam

    Sam focuses mainly on researching and writing the growing database of Car Facts articles on Garage Dreams, as well as creating interesting list content. He is particularly enthusiastic about JDM cars, although has also owned numerous European vehicles in the past. Currently drives a 3rd generation Suzuki Swift Sport, and a Volkswagen Touareg (mainly kept for taking his border collie out to the hills to go walking)

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