Subaru Accelerates into the Electric Future with State-of-the-Art Development Hub

In a bold move to embrace the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, Subaru Corporation recently pulled back the curtain on its advanced development base located in Ota, Gunma Prefecture. This significant reveal comes as the company gears up for the base’s operational debut next month.

Strategically constructed within the Subaru plant, this cutting-edge facility is a testament to the company’s commitment to expedite its EV production process. One of the key features of the new base is a dedicated area for collaborative manufacturing alongside auto parts manufacturers, signaling a new era of synergy in vehicle development.

The financial investment in this project is substantial, with Subaru pouring approximately 30 billion yen (equivalent to $335 million) into the creation of this seven-story behemoth. Covering an impressive 48,000 square meters, the facility is notably twice the size of Subaru’s main headquarters.

In a recent development, Subaru has also marked its entry into the New Zealand market with the introduction of its Solterra EV, showcasing the company’s global aspirations in the electric vehicle segment.

Subaru’s vision for this new facility extends beyond mere size and infrastructure. The company aims to halve the development time for EVs compared to traditional gasoline vehicles. This ambitious goal is underpinned by a blend of innovation and efficiency, as the company adapts to the evolving automotive landscape.

A striking feature of the facility is the 12-meter wide, high-definition display located on the seventh floor. This technological marvel is designed to simulate the performance and aesthetics of vehicles under development, offering a virtual glimpse into the future of Subaru’s electric fleet.

Hiroshi Watahiki, Subaru’s Managing Executive Officer, emphasized the need for a paradigm shift in vehicle development. “The traditional approach of sequential development used for gasoline-powered vehicles is not conducive to the rapid advancement required for EVs,” Watahiki stated. He further highlighted the company’s intent to integrate EV development processes, including close collaboration with suppliers.


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