Revival of JDM Icon: Bridgestone Super RAP Evo Wheels Make a Comeback

In the realm of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) classics, the return of the Bridgestone Super RAP Evo wheels is making waves. Originally a hallmark of the 1980s, these wheels blend understated elegance with functional design, perfect for enthusiasts of the JDM style.

The RAP Evo wheels, now reimagined, retain the charm of the classic white-painted steel wheel look but with a modern twist. Crafted from aluminum, these wheels are not just about looks but also about performance. The design features circular openings around the rim, a clever innovation by Bridgestone initially for rally and gymkhana competitions. These openings are more than aesthetic; they protect brake components from rocks and debris, a feature that speaks to the wheel’s rally heritage.

The Bridgestone Super RAP Evo’s launch is a nod to the iconic designs of the 1980s, offering a perfect match for classic JDM models like the Mazda Miata and Toyota Corolla AE86. The wheels have evolved from their original two-piece construction to a more robust one-piece design. Available since early December 2023, these wheels are already a hit among JDM enthusiasts.


The Super RAP Evo comes in various sizes and configurations, catering to different needs:

  • 15×7 (4×100 bolt pattern, +20 offset, 56 mm center depth)
  • 15×7 (4×114.3 bolt pattern, 0 offset, 71 mm center depth)
  • 15×7.5 (4×100 bolt pattern, +20 offset, 56 mm center depth)
  • 15×7.5 (4×114.3 bolt pattern, 0 offset, 71 mm center depth)

These wheels are priced competitively, starting at $289.99 for the 15×7 size (4×100 bolt pattern) and $299.99 for the 15×7.5 size (4×100 bolt pattern). Currently available in the United States through Rev9 Autosport, shipping is set to begin in early February 2024.

The Bridgestone Super RAP Evo wheels are not just a purchase; they are an investment in the legacy of JDM style, offering a perfect blend of past and present for the discerning car enthusiast.


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