Nissan Teases Potential New Electric-Powered Coupe As Silvia Replacement

Nissan, a brand that has graced the automotive world with iconic models like the Z series and the GT-R, is brewing something new for the younger generation of drivers.

According to insiders, the Japanese automaker is set to reintroduce the thrill of sports car driving with an all-electric variant, potentially reviving the passion many felt with the famed Silvia, also sold (depending on exact model and year) as the 180sx/200SX – read our buyer’s guide here for more information.

Nissan’s ambitions for this electrifying newcomer are evident. It’s being meticulously crafted to slot right below its acclaimed siblings, the Nissan Z coupe (learn more about the Z car lineup history here) and the unparalleled GT-R supercar.

This positioning has led many to reminisce about the compact rear-wheel drive 200SX, a favorite from yesteryears which ended its journey in 2002.

In a candid conversation, Ivan Espinosa, the Global Product Planning Boss of Nissan, shed light on the company’s vision. “There’s an unmistakable shift in how the younger generation perceives driving. We believe that the essence of true driving pleasure is something that car manufacturers, including us, have slightly moved away from,” Espinosa remarked during an interaction with Top Gear.

The seasoned executive further elaborated that while hot hatches have their audience, Nissan’s sights are set on something more refined, more electrifying. “Instead of just another hot hatch, envision a smaller electric sports car – one that won’t break the bank. That’s the direction we’re excited about.”

Nissan’s legacy with its three-tiered performance car range is something Espinosa emphasized, noting the historical presence of the mighty GT-R, the versatile Z, and an entry-level offering that has taken various forms over the years. With this new endeavor, Nissan aims to encapsulate the joy of driving for those in their early twenties, marrying traditional driving excitement with the modern-day tech demands of the new generation.

While the specifics are yet to be unwrapped, Nissan’s intent is clear: to reignite the passion for driving with an electric heart, potentially giving a nod to the legendary Silvia.

Stay tuned with for more updates on this potential exciting chapter in Nissan’s performance car lineup. 


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