List Your Car For Sale With Garage Dreams

After several years of bringing you detailed classic car buyer’s guides, hands-on product reviews and interesting car facts, we have an exciting new development.

We have recently launched a classified system, giving you the ability to list your classic car for sale.

List Your Car For Sale For Free

For a limited time we are offering free classified listings on our platform.

Simply go to this page, and then fill out the form to get started.

You can also email for more information, and one of our team will respond with further instructions and next steps. 

Why List With Garage Dreams?

Our comprehensive buyer’s guides attract tens of thousands of readers (and growing) each and every month. Across the entire site, there are more than 100,000 readers a month and growing!

Listing your car for sale with a Garage Dreams classified gives you the opportunity to get your vehicle in front of interested, qualified buyers. 

But I Could List My Car On eBay/Craigslist/Insert-Site-Here Where There Are More People Browsing?

Good question!

Firstly, we don’t ask for any form of exclusivity. You are welcome to list your car on eBay or Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or wherever you prefer, and with us.

Listing with Garage Dreams gives you exposure to additional potential buyers!

Secondly, unlike “big” auction and classified sites, our audience is extremely targeted.

Our buyer’s guides attract highly interested, qualified potential purchasers who are looking for quality examples of the cars in question.

This is our “point of difference”.

While you will almost certainly get more eyeballs on your listing of your Honda NSX on eBay, many of those views are just going to be people browsing around, looking for some virtual tires to kick.

Listing on our site will get your Honda NSX in front of far fewer people. However, the kind of person who is reading our detailed Honda NSX buyer’s guide – because they are actively in the market now for one of these cars and want to by the best one possible for their money – is going to see your listing on our site.

At Garage Dreams, we are all about quality over quantity – and matching qualified, interested buyers with sellers of good cars. 

What’s The Catch?

The only catch is that there is no catch! 

For the time being, it is 100% free to list your car on our classified system.

Down the track we do intend on adding a nominal fee for listing; this, of course, will not apply to any vehicle listed during the “free listing” period.

Unlike other sites, we are not looking to charge any form of commission or price-based fee. 

Our classified system will be a flat fee for listing, with a possible optional extra of having one of our team write the listing for you to make it more enhancing and appealing. 

Do You List Every Car?

Garage Dreams is a specialist website, focusing on classic/modern classic cars (generally with a performance focus, or other interesting characteristics).

As such, our classified system is meant for the sale and purchase of specialist cars.

You are free to submit whatever you have for sale, but submitting a classified listing does not guarantee we will put it live on the site.

In general, we are looking for:

  • Classic/modern classic cars – or otherwise interesting cars – for sale
    • Performance cars – e.g. Nissan 300ZX, Toyota Supra MK4
    • VIP/luxury cars – e.g. Lexus LS400, Lexus LS460
    • Retro cars – e.g. your old 1980s Toyota Corolla 
    • Desirable spec models – e.g. V10 TDI Volkswagen Touareg, Fiat Stilo Abarth, Volkswagen Golf GTI
    • Otherwise interesting, unusual, or quirky cars, e.g. the Mazda Miata/MX-5 (yes, there are heaps of these on the road, but they are a consistently desirable specialist car) 
  • European, Japanese and American cars are all welcome 
  • Private owners and dealers are welcome to list 
  • Cars in fair to above average condition for their age, mileage and type
    • We may list “project cars”, clearly damaged cars or non-running cars under some circumstances. 
  • Modified cars are welcome, but you need to be able to list the modifications
  • Listings are welcome from any country, but we only offer listings in English
  • You must be willing to put an offer price on your car – we don’t do any form of auctions/bidding

As a rule, we don’t list “everyday” cars that would be purchased by an average buyer only for their suitability as a commuter vehicle. 

The reason for this is that our readers and potential buyers come to this site looking for information on “not everyday” cars, and we want to keep that experience strong (even if it means turning down potential business).

The exception to this is once an “everyday car” becomes old enough that surviving examples are truly rare, especially in good condition. For example, we are unlikely to list a 2010 Toyota Camry, as these are everywhere on the roads. But a mint condition 1997 Camry with low mileage and good service/ownership history? That would be interesting. 

If in doubt as to whether we would list your car, feel free to email first with some basic info such as make, model and year. 

We fully appreciate that what qualifies as an “interesting” or “specialist” car is a subjective measure. However, in order to maintain the quality and credibility of the site, we do reserve the right to reject potential listings.


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    From his early days playing the original Gran Turismo and with his Hot Wheels car set, Ben has had a long interest in all things automotive. His first foray into the world of automotive journalism was way back in 2009 and since then he has only grown more interested in the industry. Ben also runs and heads up the video production side of Garage Dreams, focusing on small informative documentaries about some of the world's most legendary cars.

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