Top 15 Cartoon Vehicles We Love

Everyone has their favourite cartoons and cartoon characters, but the vehicles used by the cast are sometimes the unsung hero’s of the series. Whether it’s a car, bike or even a spaceship we’ve created a list of our favourite 15 cartoon vehicles.

Simpson’s Pink Family Sedan 

One of two cars cars owned by the Simpson family, the Pink Sedan is apparently based on a 1973 Plymouth Valiant and is one of the most iconic cartoon cars of all time. Homer is the main driver and it features damage to the left front fender and a bent aerial.


One of the more interesting names for a cartoon car we’ve seen, the Thundercougarfalconbird is a mash up of a number of different American sports cars including: the Ford Thunderbird, the Mercury Cougar, the Ford Falcon and a bit of the Pontiac Firebird for good measure. It’s a hovercar and was apparently sold by Malfunctioning Eddie at his Rocket Car Emporium by the Thundercougarfalconbird salesmen. Fry was tempted to buy the car in 3001.

The Batmobile 

Almost as iconic as the Caped Crusader himself, the Batmobile is certainly one of the greatest fictional cars in history. We’ve seen many different iterations since it first appeared in 1939. The Batmobile has a whole bunch of different crime fighting gizmos and gadgets including a grappling hook, guns and some of them were even rocket powered.

Optimus Prime

While many newcomers to the Transformer’s brand will think of Michael Bay’s interpretation of the series, it’s the cartoon that was the height of the Transformer’s world. Not only was Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots and a bad-ass in every respect of the world, he was also one of the coolest rides in town.

The Flintstones Car 

In a world where dinosaurs still roamed amongst humans, the Flinestones car was a touch of sophistication and technology. Powered purely by Fred’s legs, the car could carry the whole family and some.

The Magic School Bus 

While most vehicles in the cartoon world aren’t the main feature piece, the Magic School Bus is actually the main character. The school bus can magically transport the cast to anywhere or inside anything. A handy bit of kit when class gets boring.

U.S.S. Planet Express Ship

Futurama makes its way onto our list for a second time with the main vehicle of the show, the Planet Express Ship. Designed and built by Professor Hubert Farnsworth, the ship is the sole delivery ship for Planet Express, a delivery service owned by the professor. It appears in most of the cartoon’s episodes. Beats a FedEx van that leaves your package on the doorstep for all eyes to see.

The Invisible Plane 

While the F35 fighter jet is in a bit of turmoil at the moment, we think the USA should be investing in Wonder Woman’s vehicle of choice, The Invisible Plane. What could be better than a plane you can’t see. Just don’t look down when you’re coming in to land.


Endorsed by Krusty the Clown and as rugged as an old Hilux, the Canyonero is the ultimate sports utility vehicle. The Canyonero is the Simpson family’s second motor car and is driven largely by Marge. There’s even a catchy tune to go along with the ride.

Initial D AE86 

Here’s a car you can sort of buy in real life. The AE86 from Initial D is not only about delivery your tofu in time, but its also about getting as loose as possible while beating all the competition. Takumi’s vehicle of choice is about as cool as you can get and even eats an RX-7 for breakfast.

Cruella’s Car

Nobody likes Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians but there’s no denying she has a cool taste in cars. Sleek but terrifying, you know no goods going to happen when Cruella’s Car pulls up. Just make sure you hide your dog before she opens the door.

Captain America’s Harley Davidson 

What else would Captain America ride? A Honda cub? nah, America’s much loved and masculine Harley Davidson is the transport of choice for Mr. Steve Rogers. Rogers just had to get the optional shield holder when he bought it from the dealer.

The Mach Five 

A car ahead of its time, the Mach Five from Speed Racer had all the gizmos and gadgets that you would find on a modern car, but in the 1960’s. Whether it was surface specific traction control or night vision, the Mach Five was about as technologically advanced as you get could. Maybe Formula One should take a lesson from this cartoon classic.

The Mystery Machine 

While it may look like just another hippy-mobile, The Mystery Machine is the main transport of Mystery Inc., taking the Scooby team on adventures all around the world. Fred’s baby resembles a 1960’s era panel van, however nobody’s sure exactly what model car its based off. It can adapt to any feature and packed items inside, a handy selling point for the flowery cartoon icon.


As versatile as the man behind the wheel, the GadgetMobile from Inspector Gadget could transform from a car to a minivan. It had all the tools needed to get the job done, including a robotic claw, laughing gas and it even flies at one point. The ultimate Swiss army car. We’ll have two thanks.






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  1. The Thundercougarfalconbird is only ford/mercury there’s no firebird in there. It’s cougar and falcon added inside of thunderbird.


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