Top Ten Cars Of The 1980’s

BMW M3 The M3 name has become synonymous with performance sedans and has long set the benchmark for that segment. The M3’s roots began in the 1980’s with the first generation being based on the 1986 E30 3 Series. It was only available in coupe and convertible bodies, and was produced from 1985 until 1992. … Read more

11 Cool Facts About The Nissan GT-R

11 – The R35 is not a Skyline  Something that most motoring enthusiasts know already, but many other people get wrong, the latest R35 GT-R is not a skyline. Previous iterations of the GT-R all bore the name of ‘Skyline’, however Nissan announced during the R35 launch event that the car would simply be called … Read more

Seven of the Best Lamborghini’s Ever

Lamborghini 350 GT Lamborghini in the 1960’s was an entirely different beast to Lamborghini today. While Lamborghini today is known for their over the top supercars, the brand started with a less “in your face” model. The 350 GT was originally launched in 1964 and was tasked with taking the fight to Ferrari’s grand tourer … Read more

Here’s Every Generation of the Infamous Nissan GT-R!

C10 GT-R (Hakosuka) Nissan’s first GT-R appeared in February 1969 and was labelled as the Hakosuka by car enthusiasts. Hako (ハコ) means Box in Japanese, and suka(スカ) is short for Skyline (スカイライン; Sukairain). The C10 GT-R used a 2.0-litre S20 I6 engine which produced 160bhp and 180Nm of torque. Originally, Nissan produced the GT-R as … Read more

12 Absolutely Insane All Wheel Drive Cars

Lancia Delta Integrale Lancia’s may be met by ridicule by the general population, however real car enthusiasts will know that the Italian car maker produced some of the finest examples of motoring machinery ever produced, even if they did rust away on your dive way. Following the ban of Group B after the 1986 season, … Read more

The Best 10 Japanese Cars From the Golden 90’s

Japanese car manufactures’ recent foray back into sports cars has been an exciting deviation from the past 10 to 15 years of economical, planet saving motor vehicles, but there was a time before where the country made some of the most impressive sports cars on the planet. The 90’s (and really 80’s) were a hotbed … Read more