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Why Are Mazda RX7s So Expensive?

If you could use only one word to describe the Mazda RX7, it would have to be ‘legendary’. There are very few performance cars that can lay claim to such a cult following, especially years after production ended. But why are Mazda RX7s so expensive? If you’ve looked to buy one, then you will have …

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What Does WRX STi Stand For?

what does wrx sti stand for featured image

The Subaru WRX STi is a Japanese performance legend. Its rally pedigree helped propel the WRX STi to motoring superstardom, and all generations of the WRX STi have found a cult following (some perhaps more deservedly so than others). However, what does WRX STi stand for? In this short article we are going to look …

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What Does NISMO Stand For?

NISMO is a truly legendary name in the realm of Japanese Motorsport. All Japanese car enthusiasts can probably remember their first exposure to the Nismo brand. Mine was playing Gran Turismo on the Playstation One. But what does NISMO stand for? In the latest instalment of our short series on the names and origins of popular motor …

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Is The Honda Integra Type R Rear Wheel Drive?

The Honda Integra Type R is one of the most legendary Japanese performance vehicles of all time. From its famed handling prowess through to its incredible ‘VTEC just kicked in yo’ engine, the two generations of Integra Type R have developed a true cult following over the years. But is the Integra Type R rear …

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How Many Honda NSXs Have Been Made & Sold?

If you are a keen car enthusiast, you have probably noticed a rise in interest for Japanese sports cars from the ’90s. Models like Toyota Supra, Nissan 300ZX, or Mitsubishi 3000 GT are all considered modern classics and are sought-after by collectors. Amongst all Japanese sports cars from the period, one of the best and …

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How Much Did The Toyota Supra Mk4 Cost New?

The Toyota Supra Mk4 is one of Japan’s most loved motorcars and is arguably the company’s most famous sports car. Today, the Mk4 Supra has become a real collectors item with some selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but how much did the car cost when it was new? Toyota began development of the …

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