800HP R34 GT-R On the Streets of Canada!

The Nissan GT-R R34 may have been forbidden in the USA, but the mighty Godzilla is free to roam on the streets of Canada.

In this video Roads Untraveled takes us down memory lane and out in Jamie’s 800+HP R34 GT-R. We can only wish that this was us.

A bit of history on the R34 GT-R

The R34 GT-R was launched in 1999 and used a  twin-turbo RB26DETT engine that was stated to have 276 hp. In reality, the R34 GT-R produced closer to 330 hp and many have been modified (like Jamie’s above) to produce some insane power figures.

Later, Nissan produced a 20 Z-Tune R34 GT-R’s that had a stated power figure exceeding 500 hp. Check out the one in Hong Kong that was sold for over $500,000USD.

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