Are Toyota MR2s Dangerous?

The Toyota MR2 is one of Japan’s most legendary sports cars. Produced over three generations from 1984-2007, it was Japan’s first mid-engine production car. Although all generations have been praised for their enjoyable performance, relative affordability and good reliability (as far as sports cars go) the MR2 has earned a reputation for being a dangerous … Read more

How Many Integra Type Rs Were Produced?

The Honda Integra Type R is one of our favourite Japanese performance vehicles – with both generations rating highly (although it is the earlier DC2 generation that is widely regarded as being one of the best front wheel drive cars ever built). The Integra Type R is now getting on a bit in years, especially … Read more

Why Is The Miata So Slow?

The Mazda Miata (or MX-5 as it is known in many other parts of the world) has never been famed for being a particularly quick car. In fact, it is generally seen as being a “slow” car when compared to many other vehicles that a Miata purchaser might be looking to buy. So why is … Read more

Why Is The MX-5 Called ‘Miata’ In North America?

Here’s a fun bit of trivia – cars aren’t always called the same thing in different countries/regions. Sometimes this can be due to differences in language. For example, the Mitsubishi Pajero (as it was sold in many countries) was actually called the ‘Montero’ in Spanish speaking countries – this is because Pajero in some Spanish … Read more

Are Mitsubishi 3000GT Rear Wheel Drive?

In the humble opinion of the editorial team here at Garage Dreams, the Mitsubishi 3000GT (also known as the “GTO” in some markets) is one of the unsung heroes of 1990s Japanese performance motoring. While it was never lauded to quite the same extent as the Toyota Supra or Mazda RX-7, the 3000GT – especially … Read more

Why Does Abarth Have A Scorpion For Its Logo?

Abarth is one of the most legendary names in European motorsport history. Originally founded by Carlo Abarth in 1949, Abarth produced its own racing vehicles that saw success in Europe, as well as performance variants of other vehicles such as the 595 Abarth Abarth was sold to Fiat in the 1970s, and became the Fiat … Read more

Why Do WRX Sound Different?

If you’ve ever heard a Subaru WRX drive past, then you’ll know that ‘Subaru burble’. Subarus – especially the WRX – just seem to sound so different to so many other cars. We reckon that famous Subaru sound is one of the best four cylinder sounds ever to grace the streets. It is just such … Read more